Signage In Your Cafe And Restaurant

a sign on the sidewalk

Drawing attention to your cafe/restaurant can be a bit of a task. Having good signage is vital for your restaurant as it reaches hungry customers and also lets them know your location. 

Signage has various uses in your restaurant, like improving customer experience, creating the right atmosphere, and providing essential information. Let’s consider the different types of signage you can use in your restaurant and which is the best choice.

Types Of Signage

1. Projecting Signs.

If your cafe/restaurant is situated in a busy area with lots of foot traffic, you need to make sure your restaurant is easy to spot.

Projecting signs stick out from your building so everyone can easily find your restaurant. Additionally, this external signage sets the tone for your restaurant. So, your restaurant should be designed in line with your brand.

Ensure your projecting signage is simple so prospective customers can easily differentiate your restaurant from others.

2. Fascia Signage.

These signs go in front of your restaurant to let passers-by know what your restaurant is all about. Fascia signs are essential for providing insights about your restaurant and what it offers; they help customers find you and also bring in passing trade.

Ensure that your fascia signs are clear, in line with your restaurant’s identity, well-lit, and readable from a distance.

3. Wayfinding Signage.

This sign is always helpful no matter the size of the restaurant;  it helps direct customers to the toilet, drink station, condiment station, or table.

Having this signage improves your customer’s experience as they can locate anywhere without the help of a staff. Aside from being helpful, this sign adds to the feel and look of your restaurant.

For instance, a pizza place may use light-up letters, while a chic cafe may opt for simple signs with a stylish font. Erecting your wayfinding signs with your other signage and designs will make all the difference; ensure they are easy to see and read.

4. Digital Signs.

Although not all restaurant vibes work well with digital signage, you must carefully consider whether it is a suitable option for your restaurant/cafe.

Digital signage displays your restaurant menu and is perfect for customers who want to order at the counter.

It also allows you to showcase your specials and offers regularly without having to create and place posters or temporary signage. 

The Duty Of A Signage In Your Cafe/Restaurant

1. Promote your brand.

Your restaurant isn’t just about your delicious delicacies; it is an experience with various values you operate by.

You can use signage in different ways to promote your brand;

Create A Good First Impression.

Correct spelling, grammar, and professional designs are vital. It is necessary to communicate the value & quality patrons will enjoy inside your restaurant.

You can use your sign to display awards like a five-star rating;  positive testimonials entice people and create a feeling of trust.

Display Your Logo.

Your restaurant logo will symbolise the experience your customers will enjoy and remember for dining with your restaurant.

2. Increase Visibility.

To attract the attention of prospective customers, you need conspicuous signs.  Tall, big sizes like pylons and billboards will make your restaurant easy to find.

For enhanced visibility, use bold & bright colours, unique designs, and images; continually advertise. Your sign should be eye-catching so hungry people do not drive past your restaurant without realising it exists. 

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