How to Maintain Commercial Furniture – Top Tips

Commercial furniture differs from residential furniture in the way it is manufactured. It’s designed to withstand frequent regular use which is why it’s the choice of busy hospitality venues. However, excessive use and lack of maintenance can lead to your furniture becoming scruffy, dirty, and unsafe with cafe and bars being particularly vulnerable. To prevent this from happening here are some tips on how to maintain commercial furniture and help it look its best.

While it may seem obvious that busy establishments serving food and drink are more susceptible to wear and tear, having hard-wearing commercial furniture isn’t a solution on its own. Instead, regular maintenance and good housekeeping are needed to extend the life of your furniture.

Here are some top tips for how to maintain commercial furniture

  • Rotate your furniture – Moving your furniture around periodically can help maintain even wear and tear. Naturally, there are certain areas of a cafe or bar that see greater traffic and use. Rotating the furniture in those areas with that in quieter areas will slow down signs of wear. You might also want to consider limiting the exposure of furniture that is located near to windows to the sun’s rays, since this can cause deterioration and fading.
  • Regular cleaning – Any upholstery should be vacuumed regularly to prevent dust and dirt from building up. It also prevents dirt from getting deeper into the fabric. To clean the framework, use a damp micro-fibre cloth.
  • Stop wobbly tables – Sitting at a table with wobbly legs is really frustrating and may put some customers off. If your table legs are screwed in, then check that they are as tight as they can be to prevent wobble.
  • Check for torn fabric – Upholstered fabric can be subjected to all manner of small rips or tears.  Check your furniture on a regular basis and deal with any damage as soon as it is spotted to prevent it from getting worse or to have to replace the item of furniture altogether. Leather furniture should be treated with a protector to keep it supple and soft and avoid placing it near to fires or radiators.
  • Periodically check nuts and bolts etc – The last tip for how to maintain commercial furniture to regularly check nuts, bolts, and screw. These can loosen over time and the more you move your furniture around, the more likelihood of nuts and bolts loosening. Tightening them up on a regular basis will help prevent damage.

Purchasing good quality commercial furniture is the best way of ensuring longevity but the better you take care of it, the better the chance of it remaining in good condition. So now you know how to maintain commercial furniture

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