How Purchasing Cafe Furniture Online Is the Savvy Way To Shop

shopping onlineWhen you’re in need of need of new cafe furniture you’ve got several choices open to you. Firstly you can get into your car, drive into town and visit the furniture showroom personally. The trouble is that showrooms only have a certain amount of floor space and more often than not, stock is limited. The other option is to purchase your cafe furniture by buying from a reputable company online.

It might seem a little strange purchasing furniture you haven’t seen, touched, or indeed sat on, however it may just be the savvy way to shop. Here’s why …

Greater choice

Most online furniture suppliers have a far larger selection of furniture than a traditional showroom would. It might be because they buy direct from the supplier who themselves have huge warehouses full of stock. Conversely it could be that they don’t hold any stock at all and instead use drop shipping techniques, meaning that they have the scope to advertise far more items.

Cheaper prices

A company that chooses to do its business online isn’t likely to have the overheads such as utility bills, premises rental, and staff costs that a bricks and mortar showroom has. As a result most online retailers can afford to reduce the prices of their furniture sometimes by as much as 50% and still make money. Not only this, some online retailers offer VIP programs to customers, so you get it even cheaper.

Time and convenience

Let’s just say your nearest physical showroom was down town. In order to get to it you’d probably have to fight your way through traffic to get there and even when you arrive at your destination you’ll need to find somewhere to park. But that’s not all, once inside, you’ll need to wait until a member of staff becomes available who can spend time helping you with your purchase. Conversely, let’s imagine that you’ve finished your day in your busy cafe and are now sat in the comfort of your own home. You open your laptop and start to browse. After a few minutes or so you find some furniture that you really like, you’ve read the reviews, and you settle on that particular design. You hit the buy button, present your credit card details and hey presto…job done. If you’re running a busy cafe then shopping online for your furniture allows you the freedom to do it when ever you want.

Here at Cafe Furniture Melbourne we give the customer the best of both worlds. Firstly as a customer you have all the benefits of purchasing online but in addition we have a fully stocked local warehouse where you can see, touch, and feel the furniture and in effect, try before you buy. Why not give us a call on 03 9357 9688 and let us help you pick the right the cafe furniture for you.


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