How To Choose The Right Height Stool

ladder-back-cafe-stoolsStools are one of the hardest working pieces of furniture in your cafe and although it can be tempting to buy them purely based on their looks, it’s also important to ensure that you get the right height, look, and feel thats appropriate for your cafe space. Thanks to this easy guide that we’ve put together, buying the right stool has never been easier.

Our stools are divided into 3 main categories: short, medium, and tall but there may be slight variations in individual heights, so it’s always agood idea to check out the specifications before placing an order. The most important thing, however, when choosing a stool is to consider the height of the table or counter that you’re placing them around to make sure there is room for the sitter’s legs.

Short stools

Short stools are one of the most useful types of stool you can have in your cafe since they can be brought out to act as impromptu additional seating as well as being transformed into stunning side tables too.

  • Typically these measure 44-46cm in height

  • Stackable are useful if storage space is limited

  • Can also be used as side tables

Medium stools

These are also classed as counter stalls and as their name suggests are designed to sit beneath cafe counters

  • Typically these measure 62-66cm in height

  • Usually the same height as your cafe counters

  • Some are available as stackable designs

  • Some are designed to swivel

Tall stools

These are used for bar counters and bar tables and give an elegant look to your cafe space

  • Usually they measure 75-76 cm in height

  • Come with or without backs

  • Some styles swivel

Adjustable stools

If you’re still not sure of the exact height of stool that you need then our Detroit stalls which adjust are designed to come to your rescue. They’re a good idea in any cafe setting since they enable people of varying heights to sit on them without hitting their knees on the counter.

Key stool styles

Industrial – These have more of a rough and ready appearance with the most popular brand being Tolix. Also keep a lookout for other simple designs which combine metal and wood such as our Detroit stool and Helen stools.

Colourful – Coloured stools enable you to go a little bit wild with colours and finishes to transform a plain area with ease. Our replica Tolix stools come in a spectrum of colours, making it easy to fit them into your décor. You might also like our funky latte stools.

Rustic stools – These are timeless classics which have more of a simplistic elegance about them. We’re referring to our Bentwood stools which come in a variety of backless designs as well as with backs.


Should we use our stools outside?

Metal stools should definitely be used outside but it’s always wise to bring them in at night as they can corrode in the harsh climate. Short stools are best for these, such as our short replia tolix stools.

Should we mix and match stools?

Yes, definitely. One of the best things about stools is that they tend to be more affordable than chairs which allows you to experiment with them. While it’s not advisable to position different heights around a table it is fun to use lots of different colours to create an eclectic vibe.

What are the best stools for children?

We’d suggest stools with backs since children tire easily and can sit back safely if the stool has a back to it.

Here at Cafe Furniture Melbourne we stock a wide range of commercial stools in a selection of styles, materials, colours, and sizes so you’re sure to find just what you’re looking for. Why nor browse our online store or pop into our showroom to see them for yourse


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