How To Keep All Four Legs On The Floor

flat-table-basesThe curse of the wobbly table is one that we’ve probably all come across when visiting cafes, bars, and restaurants. There’s nothing more annoying when drinking your coffee on the terrace to discover that the table you’re sitting at only has 3 legs on the floor and that the slightest touch spills your drink.

The most common solution for wobbly tables is to fold a square of paper several times and position this beneath the leg that’s off the ground to bring it in line with the other three. However, over a short period of time the paper compresses down and the wobble returns.

We’ve heard of a solution that has been proven by a physicist that a table can be rotated to a position where it will find its balance and all 4 legs will be on the floor, but come on …… if you’ve got more than one table to level, do you as a cafe owner really want your staff to waste their time doing this each morning?

Wobbly tables cause all sorts of problems to cafe owners. Staff may find themselves constantly having to level tables when they should be serving customers. Other times they may find themselves having to refund the cost of spilled drinks. Both of these factors can affect profit margins. Customers who have a bad experience with wobbly tables may prefer to drink their coffee at someone else’s cafe where their tables stand level.

The world is flat

The good news is that the curse of the wobbly cafe table is now over thanks to FLAT technology. Available right across the world, FLAT’s remarkable products are helping those in the hospitality industry to improve their service, reduce costs, and increase their profits.

FLAT table technology uses hydraulics to level tables. The hydraulic system pumps fluid through a number of small pipes in the FLAT table base while the FLAT Technology Pad responds instantly, adjusting the table feet to make the table stable on whatever surface it is standing on. It then locks them into position.

Every time the table is moved to a new position and/or different surface, the table feet instantly re-adjust to stabilise the table, and lock back into position again. Simple isn’t it! Not only does the FLAT technology work to stabilise wobbly tables but it also aligns table tops just as quickly if two or more tables are pushed together to make a larger table, as is so often necessary when a large group of people want to sit together. This alone can save staff valuable time and also eliminates that lip where the tables have been pushed together and aren’t perfectly lined up.

Put an end to your wobbles

At Cafe Furniture Melbourne we stock a selection of FLAT table bases with either a sleek contemporary aluminium finish or a more tradition matte black finish. Easily attached to most table bases, they’re an investment which will pay for themselves in no time at all. If you’d like to see them for yourself then why not drop by our Campbellfield showroom or you can contact us on 03 9357 9688 if you need further information.


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