Purchasing Cafe Tables? Here Are Three Factors You Really Should Consider

Cafe tables probably aren’t the first thing you consider when opening a new cafe venue however they’re an important aspect of your whole ambience, so you need to make sure that you get it right. Let’s face it, they provide a place where your customers can enjoy the food and drink you have on offer so the tables you choose have the ability to leave a good (or bad) lasting impression. In order to help you make a wise decision here are three factors you really need to consider.

Size and shape

Tables come in all shapes and sizes which is good news for you because you should be looking to get the most out of your inside/outside space in terms of profitability. This means utilising different table sizes to fit into recesses, larger areas, and outside spaces such as pavement areas. Small round tables for instance provide an intimate cosy feel which are ideal for slotting into small nooks and crannies where are larger table wouldn’t go. Alternatively if you decide on booth seating to maximise your customer capacity then you’re going to need a larger table to match. For more expansive outside terrace areas you might decide to opt for square tables that seat three or four people, or how about large oval tables or long rectangular function tables for weddings. In order to get it right it’s always best to draw the area on a piece of paper first and then play around with it until you get the right combination of space to move around, and sufficient seating to maximise your profitability.

What’s your material of choice?

Commercial grade cafe tables come in a wide variety of materials ranging from the downright expensive including solid wood and marble, through to the cheaper end of the scale including pressed composite and polypropylene. If you prefer something contemporary then lightweight aluminium just might do the trick. Whatever you decide, think about the pros and the cons. Solid wood or marble for example may look opulent, but aside from being incredibly pricey, you wouldn’t want to be moving them around because they’d weight a ton. Alternatively pressed wood laminates are cheaper and lighter than real solid oak or pine and come in a wide variety of shades and tones. However if authenticity is important to you, then you’ll know that they aren’t the real thing. Take a look through some websites and examine all the pros and cons of each type carefully before you decide.

Style or theme

If you’ve got a particular style or theme in mind then you’ll want a table that matches in perfectly with this. For example if it’s modern Mediterranean or industrial styling then an aluminium chrome table might be the right choice. If it’s a more rustic theme that you’re after then you might want to go for wood or wood laminate. If it’s modern funky, then there’s nothing wrong with a bit of polypropylene. Whatever your needs choose a style first and then match your tables to it.

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