The Benefits Of The 600mm Table – The Cosy Table For Two

They say that variety is the spice of life and this is certainly true in the world of cafe furniture. By mixing up your cafe furniture, not only do customers get a choice of seating options, but in addition the right seating in the right place means the opportunity for more bums on seats. One way that you can have the best of both worlds is by utilising the 600mm round table.

Let’s face it, most cafe’s ignore the humble 60omm table in favour of larger 700mm and 800mm versions because they can simply accommodate more people. However the 600mm table has a prize weapon up it’s sleeve, it’s versatility! Let me explain…

The majority of cafe’s, restaurants, or bistro’s aren’t square boxes. Instead they’ll have lots of nooks and corners which won’t necessarily be able to fit your standard 800mm x800mm square table. For this reason if your cafe contains this standard form of table only, then they’re going to have wasted space. In the cafe world, failing to optimise your seating area means less profit.

On the contrary a cosy 600mm x600mm round table is not only the ideal piece of furniture to fit into a corner or nook, it also presents an area of privacy, an area of exclusiveness that separates it from the rest of your cafe. In other words, it gives your cafe variety. However more importantly, by fully utilising the cafe space you’re maximising your profit. Weatherproof varieties for example can be placed on a small pavement area to attract passers by, or they can be interspersed with bigger tables to maximise a larger terrace area, their versatility knows no bounds.

The cosy table-for-two – Far from boring!

If you think that your quintessential cosy-table for two is staid and boring, then you might want to think again. Nowadays they come in a wide variety of materials, styles, colours, and designs. From all wood and all metal, to a combination of plastic/metal, laminate/metal and even glass (although the latter mightn’t be such a practical idea for a cafe). The point is that if you’re looking for a particular table to accompany your design, style, or theme, there’s a strong chance that you can find it in this form. It may be cosy, but boring it certainly aint!

If you’d like to find out more about the 600 x 600mm round table then here at Cafe Furniture Melbourne, we have everything you need. From super tough Isotop tables through to lightweight aluminium we’ve got it covered. What’s more, for the month of February, there’s a clearance sale on so why not grab yourself a bargain at the same time.


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